Bridge-The-Gap centralises Anglo American global image library

Johannesburg, 10 June 2012: Bridge-The-Gap has been instrumental in the consolidation of Anglo American’s global image library, ensuring all images available to internal users and external agencies are on brand.

Anglo American has chosen Celum, a leader in enterprise Digital Asset Management software, as its global delivery platform.Bridge-The-Gap was responsible for the installation and customisation of the system as well as for the migration of images from previous legacy systems.

“We recognise that our corporate reputation is built on the quality of our publications and documents, and that up until now, finding appropriate images hasn’t always been easy.  We are rectifying this with a brand new digital asset management system, going live on our systems from 29 May 2012. 

Anglo American has a very distinctive style of photography. Our strong brand identity is synonymous with our values and our ambition to be the leading global mining company and the industry’s employer, partner and investment of choice.  Our brand identity literally sets us apart from the crowd.  Our photography is a key part of our brand cues reflecting our commitment to real people, real mining, and making a real difference.” – Anglo American Corporate Communications and Branding.

The system has been well received by Anglo American employees and agencies. Powerful search functionality coupled with comprehensive metadata and multiple download formats are attributed to this success.

Bridge-The-Gap looks forward to building on the success of this project and expanding on Celum’s capabilities.

Bridge-The-Gap is a branding and marketing technology solution provider based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bridge-The-Gap’s focus lies in the areas of Digital Asset Management, Document Template Management and Digital Copyright Management. This emphasis has been developed out of the needs of our clients and we pride ourselves in our ability to source relevant and affordable solutions for our market.