You have a Corporate Identity, now what?

You have a corporate identity, now what?

Frustration rises when employees do not accurately follow the corporate identity guidelines. Consistency is crucial for brand building, especially valid to corporate identity.

There is a way to digitally ensure the consistent application of the approved corporate identity: Document Template Management. Document Template Management involves the generation, automation and management of business document templates through software like officeatwork.

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Document Template Management software will help organisations to:

  • communicate a consistent visual tone throughout all corporate collateral
  • lock down brand assets e.g. logotypes, colours, typography
  • have pre-approved, updated MS Office templates available to all staff
  • easily make changes to various templates via a master template
  • reduce template duplication and confusion

Business is evolving and becoming increasingly dependent on digital delivery. Just as well there are digital solutions to assist in the management of a brand’s integrity. Bridge-The-Gap has a number of technology products available to assist companies in the regulation of their brand assets.

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